Choosing a veterinarian : Your vet should be chosen with as much care as your family doctor....

Canine Conditioning: Canine athletes and workers need coaching and conditioning for success

Canine Diabetes: Dogs get diabetes too

Dog diseases: Dogs get sick....

The eyes have it: All about canine eyes

Breeders, scientists work to protect dogs: Advances in combating diseases, injuries

Puppy viruses: Distemper and Parvovirus can mean big trouble

What is a disease?: Canine illness can take many forms

Leptospirosis outbreaks tough to diagnose: Disease may be caused by proximity to wildlife

Diagnostic tests save pet lives: Modern medicine's advances help your vet

Is it an emergency?: These conditions require immediate attention

First aid kit: A basic first aid kit

Spay or neuter surgery: A prescription for better canine health

Early sterilization surgery: A sure-fire way to prevent unwanted litters?

When Ranger has hip dysplasia . . .: Here are some things you can do.

Alternative diets and holistic treatments: Choices for dog owners and veterinarians

Homeopathic medicine: Herbalists, homeopaths gain ground in canine medicine

Canine Acupuncture: Dogs can get needled back to good health

Intestinal upsets: Grumbling guts mean trouble for dogs and owners

Should Sassy have puppies? : There's more involved than you might think. . . .

Hot spots: Hot spots frustrate dogs and owners alike

Heartworm disease: An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure

It's all in the genes: Dogs can inherit more than pretty looks from Mom and Dad

Breaking the canine genetic code: Scientists work to build a genetic map

Canine fur: What's fur?

Canine allergies: They cause Fido's itchy skin, not runny nose

Flea season for Fido: Scratch, scratch, scratch . . . it's flea season for Fido

Canine feet: Getting from here to there: healthy canine feet make the going easy

ER for animals: Emergency clinics take over when veterinarians go home

Nail clipping can be easier: Proper training can reduce the stress

The nose knows: Canine scents and sensibilities

Book review: Living with a deaf dog: Is your dog deaf? Read this book!

Cushing's disease: Cushing's disease can trouble older dogs

The critters on our critters: Fleeing fleas? Ticked at ticks? Read on.

Canine coughs: A cough is not necessarily a cold

Veterinary chiropractic care: Spirit in holistic land

American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation: AKC, clubs, and fanciers seek cures for canine diseases

Human cancer treatment goes to the dogs: Radiation gives dogs a leg up on cancer cure

Blastomycosis: There could be a fungus among us

Bloat: Deep-chested dogs are susceptible to gastric torsion; the dreaded "bloat"

Autoimmune diseases: Immune system failures are a serious threat to your dog's health

Arthritis: Arthritis is a pain in the joints

Deceiving appearances: What looks like disobedience might be a health problem

Summertime fun: Fun in the sun with Rover

Canine worms: Watch out for worms

Cold weather complications: Protecting Fido from winter hazards

Winter woes: Voracious appetites, malicious mischief can mark winter days with pets

Guide to careers: Vet techs: Veterinary technicians combine science and snuggling to help animal patients

Veterinary Technicians: The physician's assistants of the animal world

Vaccination: Shield against canine diseases.: Vaccination questions and answers by a vet

Annual vaccinations come under scrutiny : Are changes in the wind?

TTouch helps end submissive urination: Maggie doesn't piddle in fear any more

More on Ttouch: Tellington Touch can calm nerves, reduce tension and improve quality of life

The Tellington Touch: The touch that heals

Canine thyroid disease can be tough to diagnose: The symptoms can be legion and sometimes contradictory

Thanks: A personal note

Mange: The mystery of mange

Canine surgery: A guided tour through canine surgery

Zoonotic diseases: Diseases common to animals and humans

Canine skin: Protection from the whimsies and weapons of the environment

Signs of canine illness: How to tell if your dog is sick

Rabies: What every dog owner should know about rabies

A Precious gift of life and love: Farewell to a friend

National Animal Poison Control Center: ASPCA Poison Control Center helps vets and pets

PennHip Q & A: Veterinarians answer PennHip questions

PennHip method of diagnosing hip dysplasia: New x-ray technology for assessing canine hip health

The older dog: Age brings changes in pet behavior and health

Obesity in dogs: A major problem for pet dogs

Over-the-counter drugs can poison pets: NSAIDs can jeopardize health and lives.

Canine teeth: My, what big teeth you have

Form and function: what's it all about?: The hip bone's connected to the thigh bone...

Tiny Giardia can make Fido mighty sick : Small organism can be big trouble

Genetic testing for breeding dogs? : Should dogs be genetically tested before having puppies?

How do breeders choose which dogs to breed?: There's more involved then availability, looks, and temperament