Dealing with common problems in puppy’s first year: How can such a cute puppy be so-o-o bad?

Puppy training techniques: Teaching your puppy his proper place in his human family

Puppy Socialization: What is puppy socialization and why is it important?

How to socialize your puppy: Puppies need handling from day one

Summertime socialization: Summertime, and the livin’ is easy for socialized dogs and their owners

The taming of Tansy: Careful planning keeps last season's puppy from turning into this season's nuisance

Dogs will be dogs: Dogs behave as they are wont to do, and therein lies the rub

Canine food training: Food for thought and dog training

Behavior blunders put Fido in hot water: Shelters are packed with misunderstood pooches

The first six months: You're never too young to learn

Puppy adolescence: Trials and tribulations Dog crates: The crate: a modern dog den

More on dog crates: More on crates: types, size, cost, using a crate to help with training

This dog is driving me crazy! : Great expectations run amok

Owning a dog calls for common sense and adaptability: Defining common sense dog ownership

Making peace between dogs and cats: Is coexistence possible?

Jean Donaldson seminar: Cutting edge dog training

Noisy dog?: Get control now

Fighting furry furies?: Dogs and cats don't always have to fight like cats and dogs

Click, treat, learn: Next step in dog training evolution?

Gardening with canine assistance: Mo-OM! Rover's in the garden and he's digging up the...!

Give that dog a job to keep him happy: "My dog is always into something."

Good manners at the vet and groomer: Socialization outside the home

Head collars: Head collars can prevent arm-yanking walks

Feisty females: Female dogs climb the canine corporate ladder with ferocious determination

Much ado about "responsible dog ownership": It's more than just being kind to your dog

Our dogs, our responsibilities: An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure

Deceiving appearances: What looks like disobedience might be a health problem

Excessive barking: So how do I make Blackie stop barking up a storm?

"No bite!": Angel days and devil days: teaching bite inhibition to puppies

Body language matters!: "It’s not what you say but how you say it!"

Canine common courtesy: Common courtesy and doggie etiquette protects owners and their neighbors

Conditioning for canines: Canine athletes need coaching and conditioning for success

Ask the clicker trainer: What you click is what you get

The eyes have it:: Teach your pup to look deep into your eyes to set the stage for training

No! Down! Bad dog! : Gary Wilkes, author of The Behavior Sampler and presenter of seminars that teach this non-coercive training method.

High energy dogs!: Some dogs are charter members of the canine energy club...

Minimizing owner surrenders: Owner ignorance populates shelters with abandoned dogs and cats

Puppies really can learn! : Even when they're younger than six months

The secret of a happy recall: What every owner would like to see

"He didn't like it so we stopped.": Knee deep in red flags

Respect and compromise: Recipe for a happy canine family

Runaway dog!: When Fido wins the race to the doorknob

Help! My dog won't come when I call him!: How can I get him to be more obedient?

Summertime fun: Fun in the sun with Rover

Canine playtime: All work and no play makes Fido a dull dog

Terrier terrors: Terriers just wanna have fun!

Thunderstorm tips: Flash! Boom! There goes Rover under the bed....

Treat training: Bribing Miss Daisy

Firmness works for dogs, too!: "But how can I say 'no' to him, he's just so cute?

Walking the dog: Walking the dog can be pleasure or pain -- the leash is in your hands

Dogs and wildlife: Wildlife + dogs can be a formula for disaster

Puppy social skills: Puppies need social skills to become friendly guardians

Who’s in charge here, anyway?: Why don't we get any respect?

Obedience training your dog: Teaching dog manners: How, why and where

Surviving the holidays with your dog: Making holidays fun for the WHOLE family!

A housetraining checklist: Help with housetraining

Housetraining your dog: Help with housetraining

Kids and dogs: Safety first: Kid-proof your dogs; dog-proof your kids

Kids and dogs: A common sense approach: Vicki Rodenberg's award-winning column

Puppy chewing: Puppy days can be frustrating or fun -- you choose which!

Moving day: Moving cross-country or cross-town, take steps to help Ranger enjoy his new home

The prong collar: Is the prong collar an instrument of torture or a universal training device?

Rover needs a new home? Don't call the shelter: Here are some things to try first

Introduction to obedience training: The importance of obedience training

Obedience Q & A: Elementary, my dear doggie!

Obedience tips from the pros: Play with your dog for fun and sharper performances

An obedience training glossary: Some common obedience terms

Pack dynamics: Much ado about nothing or the key to a well-behaved companion dog?

Living with the high prey drive dog: Some dogs just aren't couch potatoes

He didn't real-l-l-y mean it!: "And he mostly doesn't bite!"

"My dog always jumps on me.…": "Four on the floor" is the rule for bouncy dogs

Dogs must be taught to not bite: How to do it depends on the dog's age