Preliminaries: Before you start looking

Decisions, decisions, decisions!: Considerations in choosing the right dog

Owning a dog calls for common sense and adaptability: Defining common sense dog ownership

What is a breed?: Is "a line of descendants perpetuating particular hereditary qualities" all there is to it?.

Choosing a breed: One size does not fit all

Books for help in choosing a breed: Choosing the wrong breed can cause problems

Sources: Help with finding a dog: Go to the source, directly to the source, to get that special puppy

Finding a responsible breeder: Some hints for locating a responsible breeder

How much is that puppy in the litter box?: A Dog Breeder's Round table discussion on pricing

Shelters: another source: Adopt a dog, save a life

Purebreed rescue is a source of older pets: Rescue groups: Canine 911

The gift of the pre-owned dog: The best treasures unrecognized

The price of puppies, literally: How much is that puppy in the whelping box?

What is a “pet quality’” puppy?: Why buy “just a pet” from a show dog breeder?

Classified ads: What "Needs room to run" really means...

What about a pet store puppy?: How much is that doggy in the window?

Just what is a puppy mill?: Could it depend on who you ask?

Picking the perfect puppy: How to choose; what to do afterwards

What does AKC registration really mean?: AKC registration is not a mark of quality

Why bother with AKC registration....?: ... So you can participate in a world of AKC activities

Nikki's story: A rescue dog who didn't make it.... Why people care about helping you find the right dog...

Drifter’s story: A message for breeders and buyers

The name game: A light-hearted look at names

Ten reasons to breed your dog: Did your breeder know them all?

High energy dogs!: Some dogs are charter members of the canine energy club...

Mary really, really wants a great big dog!: But is it the right choice?

Apartments and dogs: Choosing the right dog for an apartment

Form and function: what's it all about?: The hip bone's connected to the thigh bone...